There Is Hope For The Future

Have you ever felt like you have used up every last bit of energy you have in your body? Here I am, going on my 12th hour on the clock with out a lunch break and barely even a bathroom break. I am sprawled out on my daughter’s bedroom floor in exhaustion as I try to let her burn off the last bit of energy she has left so I can give her a bath…then it is just me and my reality shows for the night. (more…)

What To Do With All That Pumpkin?

I never know what to do with all the pumpkins after Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am one of those people that prefers to get rid of the pumpkins before I put up the Christmas decorations. One holiday at a time! As I am getting rid of the pumpkins I was thinking that I would rather use them for something than throw them away like I always do. (more…)

How to Manage the First Day of Preschool in 3 Easy Steps

Dropping off your child at school for the first time is one of the most emotional moments of your life, one of the most challenging things a parent will have to do. You are trusting your child, your most valued possession, with complete strangers. You also have to accept that your little baby is starting to grow up, no matter at what age they are starting school.
As a Director, I have had many parents (both moms and dads) crying in my office after saying goodbye to their little ones. (more…)

How to Set up a Montessroi Environment at Home


I am no longer working after being involved in Montessori for over 35 years. What do I do now? I have a mortgage, a baby, a husband and bills to pay. I am terrified! The only positive in all of this is that I get to spend time with my 16-month-old daughter and take everything I have ever learned in Montessori and practice it with her at home. (more…)