There Is Hope For The Future

Have you ever felt like you have used up every last bit of energy you have in your body? Here I am, going on my 12th hour on the clock with out a lunch break and barely even a bathroom break. I am sprawled out on my daughter’s bedroom floor in exhaustion as I try to let her burn off the last bit of energy she has left so I can give her a bath…then it is just me and my reality shows for the night. While I am laying there I start to muster up enough energy to do a few crunches and leg lifts to make myself feel like I have actually done something for myself today.  I start to do a few bicycles and v-ups and I keep hearing my daughter say ‘night-night’ to her baby doll …in between her mimicking my grunting noises from my ‘workout’.  She keeps climbing back and forth over me to collect supplies to comfort her sleeping doll with blankets, bottles, stuffed animals and anything else she can think of getting this doll.   By this time I am starting to break a sweat so I am really feeling really good about myself. This is actually turning into a pretty descent ab workout!  After a few sets of this and that I finally begin to feel as though I did something productive so I just decided to lay there to relax for a minute as she is starting to wind herself down.

I start to look around and notice that the room looks like a tornado hit it within the past 10 minutes of my intense workout series.   I am so exhausted I can not bring myself to sing that damn clean up song even one more time today!!  I am feeling defeated by the day and I am just giving up at this point.  I say ‘Mommy night-night’ and close my eyes.  Next thing I know, I hear her stumbling and tripping as she makes her way over to me.  She lays a blanket on me and says ‘night-night’…I look up and she had taken the blanket from her doll to give to me. I got choked up. At that moment I didn’t know if I should cry or jump for joy.  In my moment of defeat she made me realize that I must be doing something right!  My daughter is showing signs of compassion and thoughtfulness for other people.  If I have not done anything else right, at least I know I have done one thing right.

We live in a world where people no longer have compassion for others.  It is so important to instill proper values and morals in children as soon as possible.  It is our responsibility to teach children to be courteous.  Unfortunately, I come from a generation that has lost many of these values so we have to work even harder to pass on strong morals to the next generation.  In this moment, I am so proud of my little girl and hope to see more signs of compassion as she gets a better understanding of the world. A child is the reflection of parents and I can not have my daughter to go into the world being a jerk.  I hope I continue to see this type of compassion throughout her life.

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