Pool Boys at Mealtime

Wouldn’t it be cool if every mealtime wasn’t a struggle? The new pool boy arrived in his little man-bikini asking if he should use my tools or his tools to clean the pool. Just as I was starting to enjoy the pool boys hard work I turned around to see
my daughter magically eating the entire plate of food I left her! At this point, it should have been obvious that dreaming was more of a possibility than reality, but the dream is so nice. Who wants to think about reality?

As I am stepping over the food and utensils thrown all around the kitchen floor, I have to remind myself that eating problems are closer to the rule than the exception. We live in a world revolving around food and eating. We are constantly making decisions about what we want to eat and where we want to eat. Children are in the hands of others and expected to eat whatever is put in front of them…new brussel sprout recipes and all.

The younger age groups are in such an imitative stage, so it is important for your child to eat in the company of others to experience mealtime. Children are willing to try a different food if they see the people around them eating a nice variety of items. Children always learn by example and mealtime is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate eating new food, table manners, socialization, etc. This is one time when peer pressure is a positive!

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